Homeworks for Class 10 - ENGLISH for the autumn 2017

Summative Assessment-1
English Communicative
Time: 3 Hours Maximum Marks: 70
General Instructions:
(i) The question paper is divided into four sections:-
Section A: Reading 20 Marks
Section B: Writing 15 Marks
Section C: Grammar 10 Marks
Section D: Literature 25 Marks
(ii) All questions are compulsory.
(iii) You may attempt any section at a time.
(iv) All questions of that particular section must be attempted in the correct order.
(Reading) 20 Marks
Question: 1 Read the following passage carefully: (10 Marks)
1. Article 48A of the constitution of India provides that the State shall endeavor to protect and improve the environment and to safeguard the forests and wildlife of the country. But what causes endless anguish is the fact that laws are never respected nor enforced in India.(For instance, the Constitution says that casteism, untouchability and bonded labour shall be abolished, but they flourish shamelessly even after forty-four years of the operation of the Constitution). A recent report of our parliament‟s Estimates Committee has highlighted the near catastrophic depletion of India‟s forests over the last four decades. India, according to reliable data, is losing its forests at the rate of 3.7 million acres a year. Large areas officially designated as forest land, “areas already virtually treeless”. The actual loss of forests is estimated to be about eight times the rate indicated by government statistics.
2. A three-year study using satellites and aerial photography conducted by the United Nations, warns that the environment has deteriorated so badly that it is „critical‟ in many of the eighty-eight countries investigated.
3. There can be no doubt that the growth of world population is one of the strongest factors distorting the future of human society. It took mankind more than a million years to reach the first billion. That was the world population around the year 1800. By the year 1900, a second billion was added, and the twentieth century has added another 3.7 billion. The present world population is estimated at 5.7 billion. Every four days the world population increases by one million.
4. Fertility falls as incomes rise, education spreads, and health improves. Thus development is the best contraceptive. But development itself may not be possible if the present increase in numbers continues.
5. The rich get richer, and the poor beget children which condemns them to remain poor. „More children‟ does not mean more workers, merely more people without work. It is not suggested that human beings be treated like cattle and compulsorily sterilized. But there is no alternative to voluntary family planning without introducing an element of coercion. The choice is really between control of population and perpetuation of poverty.
6. The population of India is estimated to be 920 million today-more than the entire populations of Africa and South America put together. No one familiar with the conditions in India would doubt that the hope of the people would die in their hungry hutments unless population control is given topmost priority.
7. For the first time in human history we see a transcending concern- the survival not just of the people but of the planet. We have begun to take a holistic view of the very basis of our existence. The environmental problem does not necessarily signal our demise, it is our passport for the future. The emerging new world vision has ushered in the Era of Responsibility. It is a holistic view, an eco-logical view, seeing the world as an integrated whole rather than a dissociated collection of parts.
I. Answer the following question briefly: (6 Marks)
1. What does Article 48A of the Constitution of India provide for?
2. It is very unfortunate that laws are____________________________________
3. The United Nations warns that the environment of 88 countries_____________
4. Fertility falls as____________________________________________________
5. For the first time in human history we are just worried not only about the survival_________________________________________________________________
6. How does the holistic view see this world?
II. Fill in the blanks with ONE word only: (2 Marks)
The rich are becoming (a) _____________________but the (b)______________are getting (c) __________________by begetting children making them to (d) ________________poor.
III. Find a word in the passage which means the following (2 marks)
(a) dependable
(b) give birth to
2. Read the passage given below: (10 Marks)
1. There are times when everyone has to face grief. When someone dear to oneself dies, one is left in a state in which shock and in grief overcome the ordinary life. One is left in a situation when one feels there is nothing one can do. Grief and mourning are always associated with death. It also happens with other kinds of losses. It could be the loss of one‟s job, losing one‟s house and the loss of a close friend or a partner.
2. The best people able to cope with these are those, who come from cultures that have strict formal and intensive mourning ritual. In India we have diverse rituals which nowadays are being discarded. But these help in surmounting the crisis. The near and dear ones come to share the grief and apply balm with their words of solace. In mourning is an essential part of coming to terms with loss. There comes a time when one has to give up one‟s grief and rejoin the main-stream of life. Mourning in itself passes through these phases. Firstly, it is in the nature of shock and disbelief. A feeling of numbness overtakes; the brain is not in a position to accept. It so happens that one expects the arrival of a lost one thinking that nothing will change and he will be with the lost one. In the second
phase, one realizes the truth that the loss has actually happened, and it was not a dream. It is now that one feels the pain. Now one recollects the old moments and the memory of guilt creeps in.
3. Here the affected person displays odd behaviour and has difficulty in eating and is unable to sleep. He may remain in this stage for weeks, months and sometimes for years. In the next phase, relief form pain and negative feelings creeps in. This leads to the positive side. Now he feels he must make alternative arrangements or replacements. Here he is ready to cope with the situation. Here he knows that he cannot recover what he or she has lost, but is conscious of the future accepting the loss and is ready for the alternative.
4. On passing through all the stage of grief it seems that time has passed like a river under the bridge. This shows that mourning has been successful. He cannot forget the loss but comes to term with reality.
5. Grieve with the person who is bereaved. This shows that you too value the mourned person. This gives a helping support and the bereaved person starts believing you. Your support to the bereaved should not stop after a few days; it may be needed for months. Assure the affected person that the feelings of grief diminish and it will not be the same always.
6. You will see, there comes a time when he has to be distracted from grief. Take him out for an outing, especially away from the current situation. If he agrees, take the opportunity and let him join the leisurely ventures.
7. It is, therefore, the duty of close relatives and friends to take the bereaved out of the depressing climate and give a fresh air of life and happy thoughts.
I. Answer the following questions briefly: (4x2 Marks)
1. What are grief and mourning associated with?
2. What types of people are able to cope up best with grief and mourning?
3. Briefly explain the first phase of mourning.
4. How can close relatives and friends help a bereaved person in coming out of his grief?
II. Find a word in the passage that means the following: (2Marks)
(a) Shows (para 3)
(b) A short enjoyable trip (para 6)
(Writing) (15 Marks)
Q. 3 You were absent from the school yesterday. A new student joined the class only yesterday. Your friend Ashok gives a factual description of the new classmate . Using hints given in the input reproduce that description in about 100 words.
(7 Marks)
Hints: -----a boy from Delhi----joined school yesterday---big guy---tall muscular-----looks like a football champion---was asked to address the assembly---held the audience spellbound –---------interesting---friendly.
Teachers‟ Day was celebrated in your School with much fun and frolic. Write a report to be published in your School Magazine. You are Apoorva or Mohit of Bright Hopes English School, Gaya.
Q. 4. Write a letter to the editor of a leading newspaper about the problem of increasing pollution in your city. Sign your name as Rahul/ Jyoti of Kankarbagh Colony, Patna. (8Marks)
You are Nitin, a student of class-X. On the occasion of Independence Day you have been asked to give a speech on the contribution of our freedom fighters in shaping the future of India . Write the speech in about 150 words.
(Grammar) (10 Marks)
Q. 5.The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each of the line. Write the incorrect word and the correction in your answer sheet against the correct question no.
(4 Marks)
Error Correction
The passenger were waiting at the (a)………… …………
station when five policemen rushing (b)………… .....………
into difference compartments of a (c)………… …………
train. After sometimes one of them (d)………… …………
comes out with two young men (e)………… …………
and soon the other policemen joined her. (f)………… ……..…
The men which had been arrested (g)………… ……….
was been caught for a theft. (h)………… ……….
Q. 6. Read the following conversation carefully and complete the following passage: (4 Marks)
Karan : The Taj Mahal in full moon looks fabulous.
Nikhil : When did you visit the Taj?
Karan : I went there with my parents last week.
Nikhil : We are also thinking of going there next month.
Karan told Nikhil (a)………………Nikhil asked Karan (b)………………….Karan replied(c)…………….Nikhil then told him (d)…………..later.
Q.7. Rearrange the phrases to form meaningful sentences: (2 Marks)
e.g. important/it/is/to observe/rules/traffic
It is important to observe traffic rules.
(a) phones/must/used/not/mobile/be/driving/while
(b) traffic police/making/efforts/is/to increase/on the roads/safety
(Literature) (25 Marks)
Q. 8. Read the following extracts and answer the questions of any one choosing the most appropriate option from those given below:- (3Marks)
I am silver and exact. I have no preconceptions
Whatever I see I swallow immediately
Just as it is, unmisted by love or dislike
(a) „I am silver and exact‟ means:
(i) I am silver and faithful
(ii) I am silver and give a true image.
(iii) I am silver in colour and give a true and exact image
(iv) I am as pure as sliver and exact.
(b) What and how does a mirror swallow?
(i) The mirror swallows things as they are.
(ii) The mirror eats away things as they are.
(iii)The mirror immediately absorbs and reflects things as they are.
(iv)The mirror swallows a thing just as it is.
(c)The figure of speech/poetic device used here is:
(i) Personification
(iv) Alliteration
Neither Stones nor prayers nor sticks,
Insults or complaints or bricks
Stilled the frog‟s determination
To display his heart‟s elation.
(a) What could „still‟ the frog‟s determination?
(i) Stones, prayers and sticks
(ii)Insults, complaints or bricks
(iii) Neither prayers, punishment, nor insults or bricks
(iv) The combined might of all birds of the bog
(b) What is frog‟s determination?
(i)He wants to be the leader of all animals and birds in the bog
(ii) He wants to dominate over all others in the bog.
(iii) He wants to live all alone in the neighbourhood.
(iv) He is adamant to continue singing loudly and hoarsely without caring for
(c) Name a poetic divice used in the phrase „crass cacophony‟
(i) Simile
(ii) Metaphor
(iv) Alliteration
Q. 9. Answer any four out of the following questions in 30-40 words each.
(4X2=8 Marks)
(a) Why didn‟t Luigi, the driver, approve of the two boys?
(b) Why did Mrs. Packletide wish to kill a tiger?
(c) Who was Ali? Where did he go daily?
(d) What is the message of the poem „Not Marble, Nor the Gilded Monuments‟.
(e) Why is the joy of the Frog sweet and bitter both?
Q.10. Who was Abel Merryweather in the drama „The Dear Departed‟? What are the three things that he plans to do on Monday?
(4 Marks)
What change does the grandfather make in his new will? What effect dies it have on his daughters?
Q. 11. Write a character sketch of Mrs.Van Daan. (10 Marks)
What was the role of Miss Anne Sullivan in Helen Keller‟s life?

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