Homeworks for Class 10 - MATHEMATICS for the summer 2018

PRACTICE QUESTIONS  (Class: X    Subject: Maths)

1: Do all the problems from the chapter,  Surface Areas And Volumes of  9th class maths text

2: Draw graph of the following linear equation on same graph. Write the coordinates   of  intersecting points if any -:

(a) x+y=9    (b) 2x-y=6  ------- In the first graph

(c) x-2y=1    (d) 2x-4y=6 ------ In the second graph

3: Do the following problems using long division
(a) x4-6x3-26x2+138x-35 divided by x-1

(b) x3-3x2+5x-3 divided by x+2

(c) x3-3x2- x+3 divided by x-1


4: Learn all the multiplication table up to 20


(Note: workout these questions in  foolscap paper and  submit on the reopening day, 31/5/18)

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