Homeworks for Class 3 - MATHEMATICS for the winter 2016




1. There are 136 roses and 124 tulips in a bouquet. How many flowers are there in all?

2. If one pen costs Rs.30.What is the cost of 8 such pens.

3. A man has 358 tickets. If 129 tickets are sold, how many tickets are left with him.

4. A book contains 75 pages. How many pages will be there in 12 such books?

5. A woman has Rs.250 in her purse. She buys a bag for Rs 175, how much money is left with her.

5. There are 360 pens and 250 pencils in a shop. How many more pens are there than pencils?

6. A shop has 239 bicycles .If 161 more bicycles were added to it, find the total number of bicycles.

7. There are 465 girls and 493 boys in a school. Find the total number of students in the school.

8. The sum of two numbers is 100.If one number is 40, find the other number.

9. A sack contains 68 balls. How many balls will 25 such sacks contain?

10. If 180 students decide to go for a picnic and 25 of them do not come on the picnic day. Then, find the number students who went for the picnic.

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