Homeworks for Class 4 - MATHEMATICS for the winter 2016

Solve these questions in a full scape paper.


1.      In a hall, there are 24 rows of chairs. If each row has 15 chairs , then how many chairs are there in the hall ?

2.      If one pen costs Rs 14 , what is the cost of  3 dozen pens ? ( 1 dozen = 12 pens )

3.      If 5 toffees are to be given to each child, then how many toffees are required for 65 children ?

4.      There are 58 children in a park. 15 more join them. How many children are there in the park now?

5.      Vijay scored 78 runs in a cricket match.  Raja scored 115 runs. How many more runs did Raja score than Vijay ?

6.      256 books were packed equally in 8 boxes. How many books were packed in each box ?

7.      Amina works in a factory and earns Rs 3780 in a week. How much does she earn in one day ?

8.      Paul has 60 balloons. He gives half of these balloons to Arun and a quarter to Sania. How many balloons are left with Paul now?

9.      A box has 160 toys.   ¾ of them are toy cars and the remaining are dolls. Find the number of toy cars and dolls in the box.

10.  Malu’s mother gave her some money on her birthday. She buys a bat for half of the amount. If the bat costs Rs 350, then find the amount given to Malu.

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