Homeworks for Class 9 - MATHEMATICS for the summer 2018

PRACTICE QUESTIONS  (Class: IX,    Subject: Maths)


  1. Do all the exercise questions from the following chapters of class 8 maths text
  • Algebraic expressions and identities
  • Factorisation
  1. Plot the points in a graph and join the points
    1. A(2.8)              B(2.2)              C(8.2) .            Also find the area of figure so formed
    2. A(0,4)              B(2,0)              C(5,1)             D(3,5). name the figure formed
  2. Find the cube root by factorization method

            a)512               b)15625           c)46656

  1. Find the square root by prime factorization method

a)576               b)8281             c)7056

  1. Find the square root by long division method

a)529                           b)3249

c)57.76                        d)31.36

  1. Learn multiplication table  upto 15 .


(Note: workout these questions in a foolscape paper and  please submit on the reopening day, 31/5/18)

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