Homeworks for Class 9 - SCIENCE for the summer 2018

  Science Practice Questions (from previous year's syllabus) For Class IX                                  
1) Distinguish between communicable and non- communicable diseases with examples.
2)  What are vectors? Give any 3 examples of vectors and the diseases they spread.
3) What are the various ways in which diseases can be spread? Give examples.
4) What are pathogens? Give examples of any three types of pathogens and the diseases they cause. 
5) What are antibodies? 
6) What are antibiotics? Give examples. How do they act?
7) List any 5 childhood vaccines and mention the diseases they prevent.
8) Depict nitrogen cycle  as a flowchart.
9) Differentiate between manures and fertilizers. 
10) What are the advantages of manures over fertilizers? Are there any disadvantages of manure? If so, List them.
11) What is irrigation? What is its significance?
12)  Briefly explain any two modern methods of irrigation and mention their advantages.
13) What are weeds? By what methods can they be eradicated?
14) Tabulate the difference in physical properties of metals  and non metals.( any 5 points)
15) With equations, bring out the differences in chemical properties of metals and non metals.( 4 points)
16) What is displacement  reaction? Give an equation as an example for the same.
17) Draw neat labelled  diagrams of plant cell and animal cell. Tabulate any 4 differences between the two. 
18) Which organelle is said to be- (a) Power house of the cell?   (b) Kitchen of plant cell? Give reasons.
19) Differentiate between- (a) uni and multicellular organisms with examples.
 (b) prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells with examples 
20)  List any 2 functions of each of these - cell  membrane, cell wall and nucleus.
21) What if force? What are the changes that can be brought about by force? Give examples of these changes.
22) Define pressure. Give formula for the same.
23) How is pressure dependant on - (a) Area?   (b) Force?
24) Mention 3 examples for instances where we increase area to reduce pressure.
25) Mention 3 examples for instances where we decrease area to increase pressure.
26) Define the following properties of sound- frequency, time period, amplitude.
27) Draw a neat labelled diagram of structure of human ear.
28) Write any 5 causes each, of - (a) air pollution  (b) water pollution   (c ) sound pollution.
29) Write a brief note on the following- (a) marble cancer  (b) ozone depletion  (c ) green house effect   (d ) global warming.
30) Write any 5 effects each, of - (a) air pollution  (b) water pollution   (c ) sound pollution.
31) Write any 5 ways each, to prevent these - (a) air pollution  (b) water pollution   (c ) sound pollution.
32) With neat diagrams, explain land breeze and sea breeze.
33) What is soil erosion? How can it be prevented?
34) Write 3 causes and 3 effects of soil pollution.

How is acid rain caused? Write any 3 effects of acid rain.


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